West Coast Christian Academy
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West Coast Christian Academy Dress Code
All students should dress to demonstrate Christ's influence and importance in their lives. Dress should be modest, distinctive, and void of a sloppy or careless appearance.The administration reserves the right to interpret these dress code guidelines accordingly.

SHIRTS: Short sleeved polo shirts in blue or burgundy. All enrolled students are given five shirts at the beginning of the school year. Additional shirts are available at $14 per shirt. Used shirts are available free of charge.

FIELD TRIP SHIRTS: Each enrolled student will receive a green WCCA T-shirt at orientation. Adults may purchase a shirt for $5. These shirts must be worn on all field trips.

PANTS: Uniform/Docker style/ solid color in Khaki/tan or navy blue.(No strips or designs) Pants are to be worn above the hips. Shirts are to be tucked in.

SHORTS: Uniform/Docker style/ solid color in Khaki/tan or navy blue. (No strips or designs)Acceptable lengths are mid-thigh to just below the knees.

SKIRTS, SKORTS, & JUMPERS: Solid color in Khaki/tan or navy blue.(No strips or designs) Modest lengths- mid-thigh or longer.

SHOES: Closed shoes ONLY with non-marking soles.

MAKE-UP: Natural and unobtrusive is acceptable.

JEWELRY: Jewelry, of any kind, is NOT to be worn.

CHOIR PERFORMANCES:White top and black bottoms